Matrix Orbital has a variety of cables to communicate with Matrix Orbital displays. Choose from our in-stock selection, or contact us about custom designs.

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BBC (Breadboard Cable)

4 pin Breadboard Development Cable


CCS1FT (Serial 1ft Cable)

12" (1ft) Serial Communication Cable


CCS4FT (Serial 4ft Cable)

48" (4ft) Serial Communication Cable



External communication and power cable (5V) with flow control, 2ft long. DB9 to 6pin ..



This low profile external USB cable will connect to the friction-locking header on select Matrix Orb..


SC4BR (Serial Cable 4BR)

-4BR serial cable for the GLK12232-25-FGW and GLK12232-25-SM. Included with the BLK202A-4BR series...


SCCPC5V (Serial Communication/ Power 5V)

A straight-through serial communication and 5V power cable. Compatible with: ..