Why Matrix Orbital

On Shore and In-House Design, In-House Manufacturing, In-House Sales, and In-House Support. We have been in business for over 20 years designing and building LCD's, VFD's, PLED's, OLED's and TFT displays and everything that goes with them.

Reliability, Durability and Quality

Reliable: We have a 15+ year relationship with our glass supplier in China, but we own the design for the majority of the glass, which allows us to use a different supplier if required. We stock all of our products in-house, giving us a buffer and quick lead times.

Durable: We offer a full selection of displays that have been successfully deployed in extreme applications and are all backed by our up to 12 month warranty.

Quality: With a focus on providing a quality product we have implemented extensive testing procedures to ensure that only high quality, durable and dependable displays are shipped.

What Kind Of Support Do We Offer?

We take support very seriously and pride ourselves on the quality of support we offer.

    • Technical: Life-time technical support and a 1 year warranty on most of our products.
    • Sales: Call us anytime, we are here for you.
    • Development: Application notes, code examples, forums.


Need a custom solution? No problem! Since we manufacture our products in-house, we are highly flexible, have low MOQ``s and provide you what you need. From custom headers to custom cables to entire custom displays, we can make what you need.

What Is Our Market?

Our displays are found in every corner of the world and our customers range from hobbyists to the largest companies on earth. Here is a short list of some of our clients:

Matrix Orbital

Stock Level High

Lead Time Short

Customization High

Selection/Features Very High

Distribution High

New Product Development High

Support Very High

MOQ Very Low/non-existent

Warranty High

Sales/Support In-House

Manufacturing In-House

Internet Presence High

Quality Very High