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Interface Module

Interface Module

The X-Board is the simple solution for an economical interface board. Add Matrix Orbital’s intelligence to your existing parallel character LCD or VFD for quick and easy prototyping. Features include Matrix Orbital’s industry standard intelligence, 3 GPO’s, software controlled back light and contrast, and supports a variety of interfaces. Use the S-Series for serial and TTL, the I-Series for I2Cor the U-Series for USB.

The X-Boards Features Include

Each X-Board Kit includes

  • 8 user definable characters
  • Almost any 4-bit parallel display can be added to the X-board interface
  • Uses a simple 4-bit serial bus interface
  • 9600bps or 19.2 Kbps serial communication speed (Jumper Selectable)
  • RS-232 or TTL Compatible (Jumper Selectable)
  • Ability to add a customized splash / startup screen
  • 32 levels of software controlled brightness for an PLED display
  • 4 levels of software controlled brightness for an VFD display
  • 32 levels of software controlled contrast for an LCD display
  • Three general purpose outputs for a variety of applications
  • Horizontal or vertical bar graphs
  • Large digit capability on applicable displays (a display that consists of 4 rows)
  • 1 X-Board Serial Interface
  • 1 Rubber Bumper
  • 3 Jumpers
  • 2 SIP Headers

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USB to SPI Interface Kit w/ cables

Starting At: $19.87USD

XBI (X-Board I-Series)

I2C Backpack for 4/8bit LCD|VFD|OLED

Starting At: $29.95USD

XBS (X-Board S-Series)

Serial RS232|TTL Backpack for 4/8bit LCD|VFD|OLED

Starting At: $24.95USD

XBU (X-Board U-Series)

USB Backpack for 4/8bit LCD|VFD|OLED FTDI FT232 USB to Serial

Starting At: $34.95USD