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Arduino Displays

Matrix Orbital has many Arduino display solutions.

Arduino Displays


The MOI Economy I2C LCD, I2C OLED and I2C VFD is a perfect Arduino Display. The easy to use protocol offers many features like medium size digits, bar graphs, software backlight and contrast control.


For a more feature rich solutions, including keypad, external enclosure, industrial 24V power and many other features, the LK (LCD), VK (VFD), OK (OLED) series has many Arduino display solutions. The LK, VK, OK series has been the backbone of Matrix Orbital for 20 years.


Adding a TFT display to an Arduino has several options from Matrix Orbital.


A newly added FTDI/Bridgetek EVE2 SPI TFT line with an Arduino TFT shield is an economic way of integrating a TFT to an Arduino shield. Available in 2.9”, 3.5”, 3.8”, 4.3”, 5.0”, 7.0” resistive touch and capacitive touch with a capacitive touch bezel version.


The powerful GTT I2C TFT HMI Industrial display is one of the most feature rich Intelligent TFT displays on the market. Offering free GUI design software, the GTT Designer, it allows incredibly fast GUI and HMI designs.


Projects using Matrix Orbital displays with the Arduino:

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Scoodo EVE TFT SHIELD for Arduino or Propeller

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Starting At: $19.95US