Can I use my shipping account?

Yes, customers can use their own shipping account. However, this must be setup prior to submitting an order. To use your shipping account, please follow these steps:

  1. If you have an account continue to Step #2 - If you do not have an account, create an account
  2. Contact sales@matrixorbital.ca for the Shipping Authorization Form
  3. Complete and return the Shipping Authorization Form
  4. Sales will contact you when you account has been setup with your shipping information
  5. Proceed with your order

Do you ship with freight forwarding companies?

We do not currently support shipping via Freight Forwarding companies or FedEx Ground. Our available shipping methods, depending on destination, include UPS Ground, Express, Expedited and FedEx Economy or Priority/Express.

Do I have to pay import taxes/fees?

This is dependent upon the shipping location and shipping account used:

  • When shipping to the United States on Matrix Orbital``s shipping account, orders are shipped DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)
  • The customer is responsible for all import taxes, duties and fees when the following apply:
    • orders shipped outside of the United States
    • any orders shipped using the customers shipping account
    • (Please seek import tax rate information from the local government authority)

Do you accept AMEX or PayPal?

We do not currently accept payments via AMEX or PayPal. Our supported Credit Cards include Visa and MasterCard.

Is the packaging material anti-static?

Yes, our packaging material (white packing peanuts and bubble pack) is anti-static.

Do you have other sizes/colors?

Yes, we have an extensive catalogue of available colors and sizes. For more information please contact sales@matrixorbital.ca

Do you build custom units?

Yes, we provide many custom units to a wide range of applications. As a Display Solution Provider, our in-house design and support team works directly with customers to create a solution that will meet their specifications. For more information please contact sales@matrixorbital.ca

How soon will my order ship?

As our Intelligent, GTT, HTT, EVE and Economy modules are all built to order, they are subject to a lead time that is directly related to the quantity ordered. That said, our standard lead for 1-25pcs is approx. 5 business days or less. If you have any questions regarding availability or lead time please contact sales@matrixorbital.ca