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EVE2 FT812, FT813 and BT815, BT816) Series

The first device in the series, the FT800, launched in 2013 and took the titles of British Engineering Excellence ‘Electronic Product of the Year’ and Elektra ‘Digital Semiconductor of the year’, within the same year, where the product was described as providing ‘versatility and innovation’ and ‘the technological capabilities with efficiencies that differentiate it from its competitors’. With its revolutionary EVE technology deploying an object-oriented approach, the series is capable of simplifying the implementation of intelligent displays – reducing bill of material costs, power budget, board space, and development time.

The FT812 and FT813 series chips are graphics controllers with add-on features such as audio playback and touch capabilities. They consist of a rich set of graphics objects (primitive and widgets) that can be used for displaying various menus and screen shots for a range of products including home appliances, toys, industrial machinery, home automation, elevators, and many more.

The BT815 and BT816 continuities to build on the success of the EVE2 FT8xx IC, adding daptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC) algorithm for improved image quality. External NOR flash has also been added to supplement on-chip memory for audio objects, bitmaps and images for even easier HMI development.

Watch the release Video of the Matrix Orbital EVE2 SPI TFT Displays

EVE Module Block DIagram
CostFeaturesDevelopment Time
EVE2 FT812 & FT813 Series See EVE 2 Units
EVE2 BT815 & BT816 Series See EVE 2 Units
Interface specifications for Graphic TFT Touch Series
Part NumberSPI
  • SPI and QSPI Serial Peripheral Interface protocol uses four communication lines to communicate quickly over short distances from one master to mulitple addressable slave devices. A display is a slave device.
Size specifications for Graphic TFT Touch Series
Part NumberPixelsModule Size (mm)
Active Area (mm)
Pixel Size (mm)
EVE2-29A320 x 10276.90 x 36.00 x 6.4070.08 x 22.340.219 x 0.219
EVE2-35A320 x 24098.00 x 78.00 x 19.5370.08 x 52.560.219 x 0.219
EVE2-38A480 x 116140.00 x 38.00 x 19.5595.04 x 22.970.198 x 0.198
EVE2-43A480 x 272135.10 x 80.50 x 17.1093.04 x 53.860.198 x 0.198
EVE2-50A800 x 480142.00 x 90.00 x 17.00108.00 x 64.800.135 x 0.135
EVE2-70A800 x 480185.00 x 102.00 x 17.93153.84 x 85.630.1923 x 0.1784
Features for EVE 2 Series
Part NumberVoltageTouch InputAudio OutputGPOsRAM
EVE2-35A3.3VNone, ResistiveSpeaker41MB
EVE2-43A3.3VNone, ResistiveSpeaker41MB
EVE2-50A3.3VNone, ResistiveSpeaker41MB
EVE2-70A3.3VNone, ResistiveSpeaker41MB
  • GPO General Purpose Outputs for switching external circuitry and devices.