20x4 Character oled display

20x4 Character oled display

Matrix orbital 20x4 Character OLED displays provides you with a cost-effective industrial HMI user interface solution for that great product/project you are developing. OLED displays features optional on-board large and medium digits, bar graphs all with the convenience of a 25 key matrix keypad will allow fast development for any application. Multiple communication protocols such as Serial RS232, TTL, I2C, and USB communication modes allow the display to be connected to a wide variety of host controllers.

OLED technology improves readability by offering a high contrast display with wide viewing angles and requires significantly less power to operate than VFD or even LCD units.

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20x4 intelligent character oled display HMI with Serial RS232, TTL,USB, I2C with a 25 key keypad, 6 General Purpose Outputs and 5V,12V, 24V power

Communication Protocol:
RS232     I2C     TTL     RS422     USB    
OB     OG     OR     OW     OY    
Standard     V     VPT    
OLED Temperature:
Standard     Extended    



20x4 Alphanumeric OLED Display with 4/8bit Parallel Interface

Colour Package:
BYPP     BWPP     BGPP     BBPP    
OLED Temperature: