10.4" 1024 x 100 1U Server Graphic TFT Display HDMI with Resistive USB Touch Screen 5V, 12V, 24V power

The HTT104A is a 1U Server TFT plug and play HDMI TFT display that features a full color 1024 x 100 TFT, automatic resolution detection and a 24bit DVI/HDMI interface. The resistive, capacitive, or non-touch modules are compatible with a wide range of systems including: Raspberry Pi, Windows, Linux and BeagleBone. From the hobbyist to the high volume industrial application, the HTT Series was designed to satisfy a wide range of customer application requirements.

Additional Features Include:

  • 10.4" 1024x100 1U Server Graphic TFT Display
  • Bar TFT
  • Upgradable touch driver firmware
  • Horizontal or Vertical headers for easy Panel Mounting
  • 5V or 5-35V Industrial Power Input
  • Operating Temp: 0 to +50C
  • Semi-Custom designs available
Module Width (mm)288.92
Module Height (mm)41.5
Display TypeTFT - Color
Backlight TypeLED
Diagonal Screen Size (in)10.4
Active Area Width (mm)264.19
Active Area Height (mm)25.8
Resolution Width (Pixels)1024
Resolution Height (Pixels)100
Pixel Pitch Width (mm)0.258
Pixel Pitch Height (mm)0.258
Viewing DirectionBottom
Viewing Angle120
TouchscreenNone, Resistive USB
Haptic FeedbackNone
Audio FeedbackNone
Advanced GPO'sNone
Integrated LED'sNone
Command ProtocolHDMI
ControllerTFP401A + LPC11U23
Backlight DriverIntegrated
Minimum Voltage (Vdc)4.75
Typical Voltage (Vdc)5, 5-35
Maximum Voltage (Vdc)35
HeaderHorizontal, Vertical
Min. Operating Temp. (°C)0
Max. Operating Temp. (°C)50
Min. Storage Temp. (°C)-10
Max. Storage Temp. (°C)60


 File NameRevisionSize 
 File NameRevisionSize 
HTT Guides  Quick Start Guide for HTT Series1.21.03MiB


The Quick Start Guide for all of the HTT Series of Displays.

HTT104A  HTT104A-H6-TPR Drawing1.02.14MiB
HTT104A  HTT104A-H6-TPR Drawing1.0290.65KiB
HTT104A  HTT104A-H6-TPN Drawing1.02.31MiB
HTT104A  HTT104A-H6-TPN Drawing1.0285.31KiB
HTT104A  HTT104A-H5-TPR Drawing1.02.3MiB
HTT104A  HTT104A-H5-TPR Drawing1.0304.44KiB
HTT104A  HTT104A-H5-TPN Drawing1.02.6MiB
HTT104A  HTT104A-H5-TPN Drawing1.0299.12KiB
HTT104A  HTT104A Hardware Manual1.01023.3KiB
HTT Guides  HTT Utility Guide (Rev 1.0).pdf1.01.01MiB


Guide to using the HTT Utility program to control your HTT. 

Released on January 28, 2019


HTT Support utility

A quick and easy utility to change the touch screen settings on Matrix Orbitals HTT HDMI TFT LCD range of products.


  • Screen Rotation: 0, 90, 180, 270
  • Touch Panel sensitivity: Normal, High, Extra (thickness is dependent of display)

These commands require PCB 2.0+ of any HTT display

  • Backlight Brightness: 0-255
  • Haptic Feedback: Duration, ms
  • Piezo: Duration, ms
  • Touch Feedback: 0 none, 1 Haptic, 2 Piezo, 3 Haptic & Piezo
  • Backlight Auto Dim: dim from last touch, seconds

HTT Guides  HTT Series Multi-touch Firmware Guide (Rev 1.0).pdf1.0907.31KiB


Guide to installing the HTT multitouch/gesture recognition firmware on your HTT. 

Released on January 28, 2019


Once installed, the HTT touch panel will now be classified and recognized as a touch digitizer instead of an HID-compliant mouse. Operating systems will now use touch digitizer drivers, and use touch screen drivers on the display. This allows gestures such as one finger scroll, pinch to zoom, and swipes to be used on the HTT.

HTT Guides  Free Support-1B


Matrix Orbital technical support forums for HDMI HTT Displays


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 File NameRevisionSize 
HTT Series  RoHS2 for HTT50A1.1234.13KiB
HTT Series  RoHS2_HTT70A234.09KiB


 File NameRevisionSize 
 File NameRevisionSize 
HTT Calibration Software  HTT Multitouch Calibration R2.0.10592.zip1.026.75KiB


Calibration software for the HTTXX-TPR series.  For use in Windows only.

Released on January 8, 2019


For use with HTT with >= R2.0.10589 firmware

HTT Firmware  HTT Firmware R2.0.11139.zip13.75KiB


Firmware file for the HTT HDMI TFT series.

Released on May 13, 2020


Changelog from R2.0.0.10589

  • Backlight control via HTT Utility command
  • Support for PCB Revisions ≥ 2.0  features (piezo and motor)

HTT Firmware  HTT Firmware R2.0.10589.zip2.0.1058912.13KiB


Firmware file for the HTT HDMI TFTseries. 

Released on January 8, 2019


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