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Full touch screen, no keypad needed! The GLT24064R-1U is an intelligent graphic LCD engineered to quickly and easily add an elegant creativity to any application. Communicate via RS232, TTL or I2C protocols. Our Graphic LCD Touch Panel provides you with a cost effective user interface solution for that great project or product you are developing. With communication speeds of up to 115.2kbps for serial protocols and 100kbps for I2C protocols this display ensures lightning fast text and graphics.

The simple command structure permits easy software control of many settings including backlight brightness, screen contrast, and baud rate. On board memory provides a whopping 256KB of customizable fonts and bitmaps to enhance the graphical user experience.

A product change notice has been released for this display. Change effective Jan 30, 2015. Please review the PCN

Family/Series Intelligent Display
Module Width (mm) 138
Module Height (mm) 38
Display Type Graphic LCD
Backlight Type LED
Viewing Area Width (mm) 98
Viewing Area Height (mm) 28.4
Active Area Width (mm) 93.57
Active Area Height (mm) 24.93
Resolution Width (Pixels) 240
Resolution Height (Pixels) 64
Pixel Pitch Width (mm) 0.39
Pixel Pitch Height (mm) 0.39
Pixel Width (mm) 0.36
Pixel Height (mm) 0.36
Font Multilingual
Viewing Direction Top
Viewing Angle 60
Touchscreen Resistive
Keypad None
Keys None
Haptic Feedback None
Audio Feedback Piezo Buzzer
GPO's 6
Advanced GPO's None
DOW Optional, 1
Integrated LED's None
Graphic Memory 256kB
Interface RS232, TTL, I2C, RS422, USB
Command Protocol Matrix Orbital
Controller LPC1752
Negative Voltage Integrated
Backlight Driver Integrated
Minimum Voltage (Vdc) 5
Typical Voltage (Vdc) 5, 9-35
Maximum Voltage (Vdc) 35
Header Standard
Min. Operating Temp. (°C) 0, -20
Max. Operating Temp. (°C) 50, 60
Min. Storage Temp. (°C) -30, -10
Max. Storage Temp. (°C) 60, 80

Product Change Notice

  File Name Revision Size  
  File Name Revision Size  
GLT24064R-1U  PCN 2013-02-02.2 229.08KiB


Firmware v8.4 for GLT240128 /-USB /-422 PCB Rev 4.0

GLT24064R-1U  PCN 2014-05-23.2 229.24KiB


GLX G2.1ARM Firmware Version 8.5 Release

GLT24064R-1U  PCN 2015-10-13-01.1 229.1KiB


GLX G2.1 ARM Firmware Version 8.6.2 Release


  File Name Revision Size  
  File Name Revision Size  
GLT24064R-1U  Manual for GLT24064R-1U PCB Rev1.0 1.0 2.87MiB


Manual for PCB revision 1.0 of the GLT24064R-1U, GLT24064R-1U-422, and GLT24064R-1U-USB displays.

GLT24064R-1U  Autocad Drawing for USB/RS422 PCB Revision 1.0 1.0 167.98KiB


Autocad .dwg style drawing of the USB/RS422 GLT24064R-1U, GLT24064-1UR-422, and GLT24064R-1U-USB displays.

GLT24064R-1U   Autocad Drawing for Standard PCB Revision 1.0 1.0 176.94KiB


Autocad .dwg style drawing of the Standard GLT24064R-1U, GLT24064R-1U-422, and GLT24064R-1U-USB displays.

MOP-TFT320240-35A  MOP-TFT320240-35A-TPC 3D Drawing 1.0 231.14KiB


Step style 3D Drawing for MOP-TFT320240-35A-TPC.

Available Options

  • PCB Rev: 1
  • Model: GLT24064R-1U
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $139.30USD
  • 25 or more $136.44USD
  • 50 or more $133.67USD
  • 100 or more $124.13USD
  • 200 or more $119.95USD

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