Serial RS232|TTL VFD 20x4 HMI with 5V Power Industrial Temperature

The MOU-AV204A is an economy 20x4 intelligent Serial VFD display. Engineered to quickly and easily add a powerful HMI to any application. VFD Displays offer exception performance in extreme temperatures, keeping their quick response times, high (170 degree) viewing angle and long life.

Our Intelligent Character Serial VFD displays provides you with a cost-effective industrial HMI user interface solution for that great product/project you are developing. This Serial VFD displays features optional on-board medium digits, bar graphs and 3 GPOs will allow fast development for any application.

  • 20x4 Serial VFD
  • Intelligent VFD
  • Available Interfaces: Serial RS232 and TTL
  • Communication speed of 9600 and 19.2k hardware selectable
  • 5V voltage
  • 3 General Purpose Outputs
  • Built in Horizontal or Vertical bar graphs
  • Temperature of -20C to 70C
  • Optional VFD Filters for high contract available
  • Fast and easy development
  • Designed, supported and Made in CANADA
  • Long life cycle
  • Semi-custom designs available
  • Backed by Matrix Orbital's decades of research and development

The MOI I2C LCD/VFD/OLED display is a perfect pairing for an Arduino, allowing easy and fast development with a display.


 File NameRevisionSize 
 File NameRevisionSize 
Economy Series  X-Board Hardware Manual1.0636.75KiB
Economy Series  Economy Series Manual1.01.63MiB


Hardware manual for MOI, MOS, and MOU series displays.

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  • PCB Rev: 2.1
  • Model: MOS-AV204A
  • Availability: In Stock (Build to Order)

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