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Discontinued DD-DB1-AL202C-FB

Development Made Easy! The Matrix Orbital DevDevil is a product development board which provides all of the functionality of an alphanumeric display in a project development friendly package. The DevDevil opens the door to a world of exciting display possibilities!

  • Package includes:
    • One 2 row by 20 column character Black background/Blue text LCD display
    • Mini-USB onboard connector with USB cable
    • 6 general purpose outputs (GPOs)
    • 3 LED GPO’s on board
    • Dallas one wire support
    • 7 physical buttons
    • 5 x 5 keypad input found on their production counterparts
  • RS232, USB, TTL, and I2C protocols offered through a dynamic switch block, standard headers for all protocols are offered on the board, as well as a variety of input power options.
  • Powering up the DevDevil can be as easy as connecting to the mini-USB connector on board. Alternate power options include an AC adapter, power through the DB9 header, and 4 pin data/power input.


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Module Width (mm) 167.64
Module Height (mm) 111.76
Display Type Character LCD
Backlight Type LED
Viewing Area Width (mm) 76
Viewing Area Height (mm) 25.2
Active Area Width (mm) 70.4
Active Area Height (mm) 20.8
Resolution Width (Pixels) 100
Resolution Height (Pixels) 32
Pixel Pitch Width (mm) 0.6
Pixel Pitch Height (mm) 0.6
Pixel Width (mm) 0.55
Pixel Height (mm) 0.55
Character Columns 20
Character Rows 4
Character Pitch Width (mm) 3.55
Character Pitch Height (mm) 5.35
Character Width (mm) 2.95
Character Height (mm) 4.75
Viewing Direction Top
Command Protocol Matrix Orbital
Controller ATMega164P
Header Standard


  File Name Revision Size  
  File Name Revision Size  
End Of Life Notice  DevDevil 20x2 and 20x4 204.74KiB


End of Life of the DevDevil Development Board Series - All Options - October 21, 2013


Products Affected:

  • DD-DB1-AL202C-XX
  • DD-DB1-AL204A-XX
  • DD-DB1-AV202C
  • DD-DB1-AV204A


Report Date: October 21, 2013

  • Model: DD-DB1-AL202C-FB
  • Availability: Discontinued

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