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Coming Soon MOP-TFT240320-28A

The MOP-TFT240320-28A is 240x320 pixel, 2.8" parallel 18bit RGB/SPI interface TFT.

This low cost display solution utilizes an industry standard RGB or SPI communication interface for simple integration into a wide variety of new and existing applications. The Light Emitting Diode backlight with PWM controlled brightness allows the MOP Thin Film Transistor line to offer a professional display solution for any project.

  • Restive Touch
  • Low Cost
  • Long life cycle


 File NameRevisionSize 
 File NameRevisionSize 
MOP-TFT240320-28A  MOP-TFT240320-28A-TPR PDF Drawing1.0217.23KiB


PDF style drawing for MOP-TFT240320-28A-TPR.

MOP-TFT240320-28A  MOP-TFT240320-28A-TPR 3D Model1.094.27KiB


Step style 3D Model for MOP-TFT240320-28A-TPR

MOP-TFT240320-28A  MOP-TFT240320-28A-TPR 2D Drawing1.0697.92KiB


DWG style Drawing for MOP-TFT240320-28A-TPR.

MOP-TFT240320-28A  MOP-TFT240320-28A-BLM-TPR Manual1.01.67MiB


Hardware Datasheet for the MOP-TFT240320-28A-BLM-TPR.

Available Options

  • Model: MOP-TFT240320-28A
  • Availability: Coming Soon

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