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A kit of useful parts for mounting Matrix Orbital displays into DIY 3D printed cases.

These parts are particularly applicable to 3D printed cases as found at:

The kit consists of:

  • 4 x 4-40 machine screws 1/4 inch long
  • 4 x nylon washers (optionally used)
  • 4 x 4-40 threaded brass PEM inserts
  • 1 x Cable Assembly for a power port on the back of the case

The PEM inserts work well with a plastic hole 4.2mm diameter and 4.5mm deep. It is important to provide sufficient plastic around the "PEM hole" to prevent the plastic from cracking on PEM insertion. Our experience with PLA indicates that a minimum 8mm total diameter of plastic around each 4.2mm hole is sufficient to prevent cracking, bit 10mm is preferred. Matrix Orbital displays do not always provide space for 8mm mounting lands, but most do. It may be helpful to bevel (chamfer) the plastic as it moves away from the PCB in order to shore up the plastic around the "PEM hole".

Most of the published GTT cases use only 2 PEM inserts so there may be enough parts for 2 cases in the package.

The cable assembly is for applying power to the GTT. You are responsible to confirm connections for your particular unit, but generally, you can use either the I2C connector or the RS-232 connector depending on what you have free. If the RS-232 connector is used, be aware of the little nib of plastic that interferes with insertion - cut it off first.

Be very conscious of voltage and polarity.

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