3.5" 320x240 Graphic TFT Parallel Display 24bit RGB Resistive, Capacitive or no Touch Screen

The MOP-TFT320240-35A is 320x240 Graphic TFT Display, 3.5" parallel 24bit RGB interface TFT. This low cost display solution utilizes an industry standard RGB communication interface for simple integration into a wide variety of new and existing applications. The Light Emitting Diode backlight with PWM controlled brightness allows the MOP Thin Film Transistor line to offer a professional display solution for any project.

  • Non Touch, Restive Touch and Capacitive Touch
  • Fast and easy development
  • Long life cycle
  • Backed by Matrix Orbital's decades of research and development
Family/Series Parallel Display
Module Width (mm) 76.9
Module Height (mm) 63.9
Display Type TFT - Color
Backlight Type LED
Viewing Area Width (mm) 73.1
Viewing Area Height (mm) 55.5
Active Area Width (mm) 70.08
Active Area Height (mm) 52.56
Resolution Width (Pixels) 320
Resolution Height (Pixels) 240
Pixel Pitch Width (mm) 0.219
Pixel Pitch Height (mm) 0.219
Font Multilingual
Viewing Direction Bottom, Top
Viewing Angle 120
Touchscreen Resistive, Capacitive, None
Keypad None
Keys None
Haptic Feedback None
Audio Feedback None
GPO's None
Advanced GPO's None
DOW None
Integrated LED's None
Hardness 3H (Res), 6H (Cap)
Interface Parallel
Command Protocol Display Driver
Controller HX8264+HX8664
Negative Voltage None
Backlight Driver None
Minimum Voltage (Vdc) 3.3
Typical Voltage (Vdc) 3.3
Maximum Voltage (Vdc) 3.3
Header None
Min. Operating Temp. (°C) -20
Max. Operating Temp. (°C) 70
Min. Storage Temp. (°C) -30
Max. Storage Temp. (°C) 80


  File Name Revision Size  
  File Name Revision Size  
MOP-TFT320240-35A  MOP-TFT320240-35A-TPR PDF Drawing 1.0 163.45KiB


PDF style Drawing for MOP-TFT320240-35A-TPR.

MOP-TFT320240-35A  MOP-TFT320240-35A-TPR 3D Drawing 1.0 179.95KiB


Step style 3D Drawing for MOP-TFT320240-35A-TPR.

MOP-TFT320240-35A  MOP-TFT320240-35A-TPN PDF Drawing 1.0 159.97KiB


PDF style Drawing for MOP-TFT320240-35A-TPN.

MOP-TFT320240-35A  MOP-TFT320240-35A-TPN 3D Drawing 1.0 119.7KiB


Step style 3D Drawing for MOP-TFT320240-35A-TPN.

MOP-TFT320240-35A  MOP-TFT320240-35A-TPN 2D Drawing 1.0 120.97KiB


DWG style Drawing for MOP-TFT320240-35A-TPN.

MOP-TFT320240-35A  MOP-TFT320240-35A-BLM-TPR Manual 1.0 1.53MiB


Hardware Datasheet for the MOP-TFT320240-35A-BLM-TPR.

MOP-TFT320240-35A  MOP-TFT320240-35A-BLM-TPN Manual 1.0 1.49MiB


Hardware Datasheet for the MOP-TFT320240-35A-BLM-TPN.

MOP-TFT320240-35A  MOP-TFT320240-35A-TPR 2D Drawing 137.47KiB


DWG style Drawing for MOP-TFT320240-35A-TPR.

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