The Matrix Orbital GTT29A is a full colour TFT display with an integrated keypad, crafted to become a crisp, controllable canvas for creativity.  Utilizing an extended version of our widely used command library and industry standard communication protocols, the customizable GTT29A series contains an intelligent display that will quickly become the gorgeous face of your application.

In addition to a beautiful full-colour TFT screen, seamless incorporation of a seven key, tactile keypad provides sleek user input while a small piezo speaker and vibratory motor can offer audio and tactile feedback for a completely interactive experience.  Storage of fonts and bitmaps within the swappable onboard SD memory card allows for a co-ordinated appearance in any design.

The elegant simplicity of the familiar Matrix Orbital command structure now provides updates to the user and optional flow control for full two-way communication.  Also new are animations, full-colour graphs, automated display initialization, and field upgradeability.

Available flow controlled RS232 and TTL interfaces, as well as an I2C protocol provide versatile communication schemes, while USB and RS422 versions ensure that any controller can have a beautiful user interface.  Scorching fast communication speeds, up to 256kbps in serial modes and 400kHz in I2C, ensure important information is relayed on time.

CategorySub CategoryFile NameRevisionSizeDescriptionNotesFeaturesChange Log
CategorySub CategoryFile NameRevisionSizeDescriptionNotesFeaturesChange Log
GTT SeriesGTT29A 2D Drawing for GTT29A Revision 1.0 1.01MiB

DWG style Drawing for GTT29A PCB Revision 1.0.

GTT SeriesGTT29A PDF Drawing for GTT29A Revision 1.0 1.0162.57KiB

PDF style Drawing for GTT29A PCB Revision 1.0.