122x32 1U Graphic LCD Display HMI using Serial RS232, TTL, USB, I2C with 25 keypad 5V, 12V, 24V power
Discontinued GLK12232-25-SM

GLK12232-25-SM is a STN Grey/White 122 x 32 pixel graphic display in a small form factor that’s perfect for adding graphics to even a small viewable area. This tiny high resolution display is approx the same size as a 16x2 character display and is designed to upgrade older alphanumeric displays. This versatile display can be adapted to fit into your existing project and give your interface an overhaul, or add a high end look to a new product. And with Matrix orbital's graphic design services we can help you create the graphics you need to build your interface.

Family/Series Intelligent Display
Module Width (mm) 86.1
Module Height (mm) 35.1
Display Type Graphic LCD
Backlight Type LED
Viewing Area Width (mm) 60.2
Viewing Area Height (mm) 18
Active Area Width (mm) 53.64
Active Area Height (mm) 14.04
Resolution Width (Pixels) 122
Resolution Height (Pixels) 32
Pixel Pitch Width (mm) 0.44
Pixel Pitch Height (mm) 0.44
Pixel Width (mm) 0.4
Pixel Height (mm) 0.4
Font Multilingual
Viewing Direction Bottom
Viewing Angle 60
Touchscreen None
Keys 25
Haptic Feedback None
Audio Feedback None
GPO's 2
Advanced GPO's None
DOW None
Integrated LED's None
Graphic Memory 16kB
Interface RS232, TTL, I2C, USB
Command Protocol Matrix Orbital
Controller ATMega164P
Negative Voltage Integrated
Backlight Driver Integrated
Typical Voltage (Vdc) 5, 9-15
Maximum Voltage (Vdc) 15
Header Standard
Min. Operating Temp. (°C) 0, -20
Max. Operating Temp. (°C) 50, 60
Min. Storage Temp. (°C) -30, -10
Max. Storage Temp. (°C) 60, 80


  File Name Revision Size  
  File Name Revision Size  
End Of Life Notice  GLK12232-25-SM PCB R2.0 308.66KiB


End of Life of the GLK12232-25-SM (PCB Rev 2.0) Product - All Options - January 23 , 2015


Products Affected: GLK12232-25-SM (PCB Rev 2.0) - All Colour, Temperature, and Voltage Options


Replacement Product: GLK12232-25-SM (PCB Rev 3.0)


January 23 , 2015: Original Report Date

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