The Enclosure Series is complete display solution designed to decrease development time by integrating simple input, output, and display interfaces into a robust external enclosure. With serial communication speeds of up to 115.2kbps, I2C up to 100kbps, and a convenient rear mounting point, the Enclosure Series provides the perfect interface solution for any project.

CategorySub CategoryFile NameRevisionSizeDescriptionNotesFeaturesChange Log
CategorySub CategoryFile NameRevisionSizeDescriptionNotesFeaturesChange Log
ManualsEnclosures Serial Enclosure Manual 1.31.17MiB
EnclosuresELK204-7T-PL -PL Enclosure Drawing 54.72KiB
EnclosuresELK204-7T-USB-PL -PL Enclosure Drawing 54.72KiB
EnclosuresELK204-7T-USB-PL USB Enclosure Manual 906.2KiB
EnclosuresELK204-7T-MT -MT Enclosure Drawing 1.03MiB
EnclosuresELK204-7T-USB-MT -MT Enclosure Drawing 1.03MiB
EnclosuresELK204-7T-USB-MT USB Enclosure Manual 906.2KiB
EnclosuresEGLK19264A-7T-PL -PL Enclosure Drawing 54.72KiB
EnclosuresEGLK19264A-7T-USB-PL -PL Enclosure Drawing 54.72KiB
EnclosuresEGLK19264A-7T-USB-PL USB Enclosure Manual 906.2KiB
EnclosuresEGLK19264A-7T-MT -MT Enclosure Drawing 1.03MiB
EnclosuresEGLK19264A-7T-USB-MT -MT Enclosure Drawing 1.03MiB
EnclosuresEGLK19264A-7T-USB-MT USB Enclosure Manual 906.2KiB