HTT Series

Matrix Orbital's HTT series offers full colour TFT displays, with a simple HDMI and USB plug and play interface. The HTT can be configured with a touch screen, providing control without the need of a mouse or keyboard. Designed with industrial applications in mind, the HTT is perfect for panel mounted applications and HMI interfaces.

CategorySub CategoryFile NameRevisionSizeDescriptionNotesFeaturesChange Log
CategorySub CategoryFile NameRevisionSizeDescriptionNotesFeaturesChange Log
HTT SeriesHTT101F HTT101F-TPN.PDF 1.09MiB

PDF Drawing for the HTT101F-TPN: No Touch

HTT SeriesHTT101F HTT101F-TPR.PDF 1.11MiB

PDF Drawing for the HTT101F-TPR: Resistive Touch

HTT SeriesHTT101G 3D Model for HTT101G-TPC 87.88MiB

Solidworks .step style 3D Model for HTT101G-TPC

HTT SeriesHTT101F 3D Model for HTT101F-TPN 87.02MiB

Solidworks .step style 3D Model for HTT101F-TPN.

HTT SeriesHTT101F 3D Model for HTT101F-TPR 87.04MiB

Solidworks .step style 3D Model for HTT101F-TPR.

HTT SeriesHTT101G HTT101G-TPC.PDF 1.12MiB

PDF Drawing for the HTT101G-TPC: Capacitive Touch