5.25" Bay Serial RS232|TTL|USB|I2C| LCD 20x2 5V|12V

With the BLC2021-AL you will find all that you need for a PC Bay Insert. This part number includes your LCD display, bracket and cables.

          • Extended voltage 9-15 Vdc
          • 20 Characters by 2 lines
          • Serial (RS232/TTL/I2C/USB) LCD
Mounting Bracket:
     12V power cable
     4ft serial cable

Family/SeriesPC Bay Insert
Module Width (mm)149.22
Module Height (mm)43.2
Display TypeCharacter LCD
Backlight TypeLED
Viewing Area Width (mm)83
Viewing Area Height (mm)18.6
Active Area Width (mm)73.5
Active Area Height (mm)11.5
Resolution Width (Pixels)100
Resolution Height (Pixels)16
Pixel Pitch Width (mm)0.6
Pixel Pitch Height (mm)0.65
Pixel Width (mm)0.55
Pixel Height (mm)0.6
Character Columns20
Character Rows2
Character Pitch Width (mm)3.7
Character Pitch Height (mm)5.95
Character Width (mm)3.2
Character Height (mm)5.55
FontJapanese, European
Viewing DirectionTop
Viewing Angle60
Haptic FeedbackNone
Audio FeedbackNone
Advanced GPO'sNone
DOWOptional, 1
Integrated LED'sNone
OverlayBeige, Silver, Black
InterfaceRS232, TTL, I2C, USB
Command ProtocolMatrix Orbital
Negative VoltageIntegrated
Backlight DriverIntegrated
Minimum Voltage (Vdc)9
Typical Voltage (Vdc)9-15
Maximum Voltage (Vdc)15
Max. Operating Temp. (°C)50
Min. Storage Temp. (°C)-20
Max. Storage Temp. (°C)70


 File NameRevisionSize 
 File NameRevisionSize 
LCD2041  Manual for LCD2041 PCB Revision


Manual for PCB revision 2.0

LCD2041  Autocad drawing for PCB revision 2.02.0104.42KiB


Autocad drawing for PCB revision 2.0

LCD2041  Manual for PCB revision 1.501.50488.8KiB


PCB Revision 1.50

LCD2041  Manual for PCB revision 1.10 to 1.301.102.07MiB


PCB Revision 1.10 to 1.30


 File NameRevisionSize 
 File NameRevisionSize 
Alphanumeric Software  DisplayTunerPro v1.0.0.0 Software1.0.0.0802.25KiB


Display Tuner Pro (MOCD#) is an update to our popular uProject testing software for Matrix Orbital displays.  It adds support for new features and displays, including legacy and graphic units, to our established base of features and scripting.  This tool supports all Matrix Orbital Intelligent and Economy Series displays, including the following:

  • GLK Series (GLK12232-25-SM, GLK12232-25, GLK19264-7T-1U, GLK24064-25, GLK24064R-25-1U, GLK240128-25)
  • GLT Series (GLT12232-SM, GLT24064R-1U, GLT24064, GLT240128)
  • GOK Series (GOK12232A-25-SM, GOK12832-25-SM)
  • LCD/OLED/VFD Series (LCD0821, LCD2041, OLED0821, OLED2041, VFD2041)
  • LK Series (LK162-12, LK162A-4T, LK162B-7T, LK202-25, LK204-25, LK204-7T-1U, LK402-25, LK404-25)
  • MOI/MOS/MOU Series (MOS, MOU, XBoard-S, XBoard-U)
  • OK Series (OK162-12, OK202-25, OK204-25)
  • VK Series (VK162-12, VK202-25, VK204-25, VK246-25)
  • And all Legacy Displays

Alphanumeric Software  uProject1.42MiB


uProject is an advanced testing software for Matrix Orbital displays. It allows testing of nearly all the features and allows test scripting and many other advanced features.

uProject (micro Project) is a series of different tools that should allow the testing of nearly all the features of most of our displays. uProject also features

scripting abilities to speed up testing or changing of a specific feature, such as backlight brightness or contrast.


All LK/VK/PK, MOS, MX and LCD/VFD series.

Alphanumeric Software  Display Tuner407KiB


This basic application allows you to test and set LCD Contrast, Brightness, VFD Brightness, set baudrate and send text to the display.

Compatible Displays:

All LK/VK/PK, MOS, MX and LCD/VFD series.

Alphanumeric Software  Custom Character Tool451.61KiB


This simple program to give you hex values for custom characters.

This program allows you to see the hex values per lines for custom characters making implication easier. Simply download the program, uncompress and run. You will require Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1, it can be downloaded from here.

This application was written by Ray of LCD Studio. (

For technical discussions and questions, please visit our forums

Alphanumeric Software  Boot Logo40.03KiB


Boot Logo is designed for modification of the startup screen for some alphanumeric displays with startup screens.

The user has the ability to use the normal text from the display\'s font table, and the 8 custom characters.

Compatible Displays:



All MX series

This application was written by Ray of LCD Studio. (

Alphanumeric Software  Boot Edit524.62KiB


Boot Edit is designed for modification of advanced features of the LK/VK/PK USB and MX series. This is a more advanced version of the Boot Logo software.

Boot Edit allows the setting of these features:

  • Custom startup screen using custom characters
  • Power on GPO and FAN settings, such as speed, and frequency
  • LCD Contrast, backlight brightness and VFD brightness

Compatible Displays:

  • LK/VK/PK202-25
  • LK/VK/PK202-24-USB
  • LK/VK204-24-USB
  • MOS-AL/AV/AP202
  • MOS-AL/AV204
  • All MX series

Only the MX and USB series support the Edit GPO Defaults section.

This application was written by Ray of LCD Studio. (

Application Notes

 File NameRevisionSize 
 File NameRevisionSize 
Application Notes  eGTT50-TPR Drawing (Rev 1.0).pdf327.29KiB


TPN: non touch, TPR: resistive touch, TPC: capacitive touch

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  • PCB Rev: 1.1
  • Model: BLC2021
  • Availability: In Stock (Build to Order)

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