NEW EVE3 4.3" LCD Display with USB, Speaker and Haptic Feedback

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Following on success of EVE2 LCD displays, Matrix Orbital Corp Announces immediate release of EVE3x-43A LCD display.

Alberta, Canada: Matrix Orbital Corp, has done it again! Announcing immediate release of EVE3x based LCD display, EVE3x-43A is one of the most advanced and feature rich EVE displays ever made. Available in SPI or USB, with Audio and Wide Voltage options for industrial use.

The EVE3x-43A is a 4.3" 480x272 TFT with up to a 520nit backlight! Available in non-touch, resistive touch, capacitive touch and oversized capacitive touch.

With the integration of Bridgetek's next generation EVE3 BT815/BT816 Embedded Video Engine IC, Matrix Orbital EVE3 SPI TFT's deliver clean, crisp, full color TFT screens for interactive menus, graphing, graphics and even video.


The new EVE3x builds on top of EVE2 adding many improvements, higher resolution, better memory management and faster spi connection.


EVE3x series features:

    NEW Optional Features:

    • Expanded PCB for easy mounting
    • Enhanced ESD protection
    • On-Board NOR Flash up to 128mb
    • EVE3 IC BT815 and BT816
    • USB interface using the FTDI FT232H
    • Haptic feedback
    • Speaker2x10 2.54mm header



    Applications Include:

    • Point of Sales Machines
    • Multi-function Printers
    • Instrumentation
    • Home Security Systems
    • Graphic touch pad – remote, dial pad
    • Tele/Video Conference Systems, Phones and Switchboards 
    • Medical Appliances, Breathalyzers, Gas chromatographs
    • Power meter, Home appliance devices, Thermostats, Sprinkler system displays
    • Set-top box 
    • GPS / Satnav
    • Vending Machine Control Panels, Elevator Controls, and many more....

    For more information about the new EVE3 4.3" SPI & USB Display:


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