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  Product Line
Product Line

Here is a brief explanation of our display lines:

GTT Series: TFT’S Simplified
Matrix Orbital, the world leader in intelligent interfaces, introduces its most innovative product yet: the full color, touch capable GTT series! Matrix Orbital’s GTT is a feature rich intelligent display which combines a top of the line TFT LCD with integrated touch screen, on-board memory for custom fonts, graphics and animations, a piezo buzzer for audio feedback, and much more! These top of the line displays combine Matrix Orbital’s years of experience in the serial interface field with a dazzling full color display using our familiar and easy to use intelligent interface.
Bring your project to life with an abundance of colors, controllable with an easy to use touch screen. With our extensive selection of interface options communicating will always be easy! Start creating gorgeous interfaces that can be controlled with the tip of your finger.
Enclosures: ELK Series

These lightweight, durable plastic enclosures have a threaded camera mount on the back and can be easily fitted into any application and put in just the right spot. They feature an LCD display with a 7 key tactile keypad and 3 tri-color LED's.

  • Serial Character ELK's
  • USB Character ELK's
  • Serial Graphic ELK's
  • USB Graphic ELK's
Intelligent Series:
  • Graphic Touch Displays: Full touch screen, no keypad needed! Our Graphic LCD Touch Panel provides you with a cost effective user interface solution for that great product/project you are developing. On board memory for Fonts and Bitmaps! This touch screen graphic LCD displays graphics and text in any font, style or language, all with the convenience of a touch screen. The Serial LCD Controller combines a 240 x 128 graphic LCD, and resistive touch screen, so you can get started creating powerful, simple user interfaces.
  • Character LCD Displays : Covering the most popular liquid crystal display configurations, control of the modules has been simplified to a set of commands delivered via RS232, RS422, I2C and USB. Meant to save time and money, we have worked to ensure that the tedious timing and special conditions typical of display controllers have been eliminated from our interface to help get your project to market faster.
  • Character VFD Displays : Our vacuum fluorescent displays (VFDs) have a longer life and are the brightest of displays. They do not suffer from performance effects due to varying temperature and they deliver a higher viewing angle. Control of modules has been simplified to a set of commands delivered via RS232, RS422, I2C or USB communication. Optional VFD Filters are available to customize your display to coordinate with your application.
  • Graphic LCD Displays : The most versatile of our displays can be programmed to display any font, in any size, and in any language. With graphic displays you can easily add multi-language support to any application that uses a display. Allow your creativity to flourish with images! We also have -1U displays which conveniently fit into any 1U application, allowing you add graphics to even a limited space.
Economy Displays: MOS, MOI and MOU Series
Matrix Orbital’s economy line of Liquid Crystal (LCD) and Vacuum Fluorescent displays (VFD) allows the ease of RS232, I2C or USB communication to be brought to high volume projects requiring a low cost, high value display. Features include software controlled backlight and contrast, 3 GPOs and the Martrix Orbital intelligence and ease of use we are famous for.
  • Character LCD Displays : Matrix Orbital offers Liquid Crystal Displays in a variety of sizes and colors to suit any project. Is yours a high volume project and want to offer options? This is the display for you.
  • Character VFD Displays : Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFD's) can be easily configured to display a wide variety of customized messages. VFDs also have the advantage of being very robust, and are able to function normally in a variety of enviroments. Optional VFD Filters available to customize your display to coordinate with your application.
Parallel Displays: MOP Series
  • Our parallel displays come in many different sizes ranging from 1 lines x 8 characters to 4 lines x 40 characters.
  • Alphanumeric or high-speed Graphic LCD
  • Color LCD options available are white, yellow-green, amber, red, green and blue
  • Can operate in temperatures from 0 to +50 degrees C in the the normal range and -20 to +70 C in the extended temperature range.
  • Voltage available: 5.0V (and some 3.3V)
  • Contrast control with STN (Supertwisted Nematic) or FSTN (Film-compensated Supertwisted Nematic)
  • 3 light transmission modes available:
    • Transmissive - Transmissive LCDs have a transparent rear polarizer and do not reflect ambient light. A backlight is required and will work best in low light conditions.
    • Transflective - Transflective LCDs are a mixture of reflective and transmissive types with the rear polarizer having partial reflectivity and combined with a backlight. Can be operated in direct sunlight without loss of clarity.
    • Reflective - By combining a reflector with the rear polarizer, ambient light is used to illuminate the display in reflective mode. It works best in an outdoor or well-lit office environment.
Interface Module: X-Board Series
The X-Board is the simple solution for an economical interface board. Add Matrix Orbital’s intelligence to your existing parallel character LCD or VFD for quick and easy prototyping. Features include Matrix Orbital’s industry standard intelligence, 3 GPO’s, software controlled back light and contrast, and supports a variety of interfaces. Use the S-Series for serial and TTL, the I-Series for I2C or the U-Series for USB.
GX Series:
Presenting the GX Typhoon, our newest addition to the Intelligent Series Graphic Displays. The Typhoon is designed to fit perfectly into a 5.25" drive bay, making it the ultimate solution for PC Modders, IT Systems and Home Theatre PC's. In addition, the GX Typhoon has also been spec'd to integrate nicely into an 1U Rackmount, ideal for networks that require information on the fly.
With the GX Typhoon, you can also have the ability to use a remote control, eliminating the need to be right by the equipment's side. This can be used in a number of environments, ideally in networking solutions, and even better for the new Home Theatre experience trend. Not only will this remote be able to control the display, but with special IR add-ons, you will be able to control multiple electronics including your TV, Stereo, CD Player, and anything else you can think of. We're not kidding when we say "Infinite Possibilities". We've done the hard part, and now its up to you to be as creative as you wish.
In addition to the incredible features offered by this display, we are excited for the release of our new software that will be bundled with the Typhoon. We have designed our own software for the displays, that makes programming the display child's play. It is incredibly user-friendly and will help get your project off the ground in no time!
And of course, as with any of our displays, the GX features a Grade A, beautiful and incredibly bright Graphic LCD Display. You simply can not get a better looking display on the market today and we're confident that you will see the difference in our display quality over any other manufacturer in the industry today.


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