Intelligent Display

Intelligent Display

The Matrix Orbital Intelligent LCD, Intelligent VFD and Intelligent OLED displays are a powerful and easy to integrate HMI. Featuring years of engineering providing lots of industrial features such as keypad interface, membrane backlit keypad, general purpose outputs, industrial 12V and 24V voltage options


  • LK/GLK Series feature: Serial LCD, I2C LCD, USB LCD and RS422 LCD
  • VK Series feature: Serial VFD, I2C VFD, USB VFD and RS422 VFD
  • OK/GOK Series feature: Serial OLED, I2C OLED, USB OLED and RS422 OLED

Our Intelligent Graphic LCD displays offer onboard 256KB of memory allows True Type Font and any language font to be used on the display as well as bitmaps to displayed. Other features include Piezo Buzzer to provide audio feedback, Hardware flow control and Field upgradable firmware.


  • Fast and easy development
  • Designed, supported and Made in CANADA
  • Long life cycle
  • Customer headers available, please contact us
  • Semi-custom designs available
  • Long life production
  • Backed by Matrix Orbital``s decades of research and development
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122x32 1U Graphic OLED HMI using Serial RS232, TTL, USB, I2C with 25 keypad 5V, 12V, 24V power

Communication Protocol:  RS232     I2C     TTL    
Colour:  OY    
Voltage:  VS     LV    
OLED Temperature:  Standard     Extended    

Starting At: $69.66USD