320x102 IPS TFT Display

320x102 IPS TFT Display

Small IPS TFT Display in 1U form factor 320x102 is very popular 1U display size being used in varied DIY and industrial applications. 


The EVE2 Graphic IPS TFT Display controller allows fast development of SPI TFT and QSPI TFT displays to almost any micro-controller to create HMI/GUI systems.

GTT IPS Display

Intelligent display that features a full color TFT and integrated keypad designed to fit 1U applications. With the available - industry standard - communication protocols (serial RS232, TTL, I2C and USB TFT) and the incorporation of a seven key tactile keypad, communicating, controlling and interacting with the display is easily achieved.

Included features, like the piezo speaker and vibratory motor, provide tactile and audio feedback for a comfortable, confident user interaction. Additionally, the field updatable micro SD card stores font and bitmap files to liberate space and resources for use by the microcontroller, Arduino, or other HMI controller. Suitable for a wide range of applications, and with a resolution of 320 x 102, the GTT29A is a complete display solution that will quickly become the bright fresh face of your machine or user interface.

eGTT IPS Display

The eGTT platform is a drag and drop GUI design software teamed up with rugged industrial feature rich line of full colour UART Embedded HMI TFT displays for medical, industrial or any personal project.Design your GUI in hours, not days or weeks. Free lifetime support on both hardware and software. Contact us today for any custom or semi-custom requirements you may have.

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