Matrix Orbital offers the high brightness and temperature range of intelligent VFD technology in all our product lines.


Intelligent VFD Series displays boast advanced communication protocols, including RS232, RS422, TTL, I2C, and USB. Added features include software controlled brightness and contrast settings, selectable baud rates, up to 8 general purpose outputs, touch and keypad input, font and bitmap storage, and piezo buzzer output.


Economy Series displays provide communication interfaces including TTL, I2C, and USB. Basic features include software controlled backlight and contrast settings, selectable baud rates, and 3 general purpose outputs.


Parallel Series displays offer the most basic 4 or 8 bit parallel interfaces. Limited features include voltage controlled backlight and contrast settings.


 Intelligent DisplaysEconomy Displays4/8bit Parallel Displays
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VFD is available on Intelligent, Economy, and Parallel Displays.


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20x4 VFD HMI with Serial RS232, TTL,USB, I2C with a 25 key keypad, 5V,12V, 24V power and Industrial Temperature (-40C to 85C)

Communication Protocol:
RS232     I2C     TTL     RS422     USB    
VFD Colour:
Standard     VPT    
VFD Temperature:
Standard     Extended    

Starting At: $125.00USD