New Coming Soon MOS-AL204A

The MOS-AL204A is an economy 20x4 intelligent Serial LCD display. Engineered to quickly and easily add a powerful HMI to any application.

Our Intelligent Character Serial LCD displays provides you with a cost-effective industrial HMI user interface solution for that great product/project you are developing. This Serial LCD displays features optional on-board large and medium digits, bar graphs and 3 GPOs will allow fast development for any application.

  • 20x4 Intelligent Serial LCD
  • Available Interfaces: Serial RS232 and TTL
  • Communication speed of 9600 and 19.2k hardware selectable
  • 5V voltage
  • 3 General Purpose Outputs
  • Software controlled contrast and brightness with configurable time-out setting up to 90 minutes
  • Built in Horizontal or Vertical bar graphs
  • Temperature of 0C to 50C
  • Fast and easy development
  • Designed, supported and Made in CANADA
  • Long life cycle
  • Semi-custom designs available
  • Backed my Matrix Orbital's decades of research and development


 File NameRevisionSize 
 File NameRevisionSize 
Economy Series  X-Board Hardware Manual1.0636.75KiB
Economy Series  Economy Series Manual1.01.63MiB


Hardware manual for MOI, MOS, and MOU series displays.

  • PCB Rev: 2.1
  • Model: MOS-AL204A
  • Availability: Coming Soon
  • $49.95USD
  • 100 or more $45.95USD
  • 200 or more $44.95USD

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