RS422 Protocol is available on TFT, LCD, VFD, and OLED displays. To learn more, follow the links below.

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RS-422, or Electronic Industries Association (EIA) Recommended Standard 422, is a full duplex hardware protocol that uses two pairs of differential conductors, one set for transmitting (Tx) and one receiving (Rx). These differential pairs are often twisted to travel long distances, up to 1,500 meters, with good robustness to noise, which make this protocol attractive for industrial applications. This multi-drop protocol can support multiple slave devices on one bus at speeds up to 500 Kbps. Implementing an addressing scheme, such as RS485, over RS422 hardware protocol allows the creation of a multi-point network design.

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20x4 VFD HMI with Serial RS232, TTL,USB, I2C with a 25 key keypad, 5V,12V, 24V power and Industrial Temperature (-40C to 85C)

Communication Protocol:  RS232     I2C     TTL     RS422     USB    
VFD Colour:  Standard    
Voltage:  Standard     VPT    
VFD Temperature:  Standard     Extended    

Starting At: $125.00USD

GTT52B Coming Soon

5.2" TFT 480x128 HMI using Serial RS232, TTL, USB, I2C, RS422 with GUI 25 keypad 5V, 12V, 24V power with 2GB memory and 32MB of RAM

Touch:  TPR     TPC    
Back Light:  BLM    
Bezel:  B0    
Headers:  H1    
Communication Protocol:  CS    
Voltage:  V5    

Starting At: $172.58USD