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  MX Series
MX Series
5�" PC Drive Bay Inserts
MX Series
All of our MX series products can:    
  • Monitor CPU temperatures
  • Monitor hard drive space
  • Control fans and LEDs.
  • Watch frame rates per second
  • See streaming stocks
  • Watch network traffic
  • Get up to date weather reports
  • Provide WinAmp support: keypad controls, song information
  • Check multiple email accounts
  • Track breaking news on CNN
  • Bring your MP3s to life with various exciting visualizations
  • Watch SETI number crunch for humanity
  • And so much more! You don’t need to be a PC enthusiast to enjoy the many features the MX digital baybus provides.

There are 2 sizes of bay inserts in the MX series - 5¼" single or double bay inserts with the use of a 20 character x 2 line or 20 character x 4 line display.

MX3 - 2 x 20 VFD in a single bay insert
MX5 - 4 x 20 VFD in a double bay insert

With all of our MX products, you have the choice of beige or black with keypad and black or brushed aluminum with no keypad.

Our bay inserts are a low weight, high quality product. They will stand up to everyday wear-and-tear, as the mounting bracket is made of rust-resistant coated steel.


MX3 Series

MX3 Series
MX5 Series

MX5 Series
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